This is a summary of each book's length and scene count; each individual scene or episode can be accessed by following the links through each book. For each scene, there's a description of events, characters involved, vehicles used, and length. Below is a summary table of all confirmed books and scenes.

Title Amount of Scenes Length (Pages) Run Time(Script Format)
'The Rally' ? ? ?
'The Rally' 2: Finishing What We Started ? ? ?
'The Rally' 3: Return of La Perso ? ? ?
'The Rally' 4 ? ? ?
Life & Times of the Erling Family ? (Separate scenes with no particular link; this book contains alternate endings etc.) ? N/A
'The Rally' Gang Wars N/A (This book is in television show format; number of episodes - ?) ? 1hr (Per episode)
'The Rally' (Original Edit) 25 # #