The following facts are about all of 'The Rally' series and detail interesting or peculiar points that are accurate to current version of each book.

  • The main idea of the first book came from a strange dream the writer had.
  • The DarkMotors original name was the BlackMotors in accordance with their matte black vehicles.
  • Miko's appearance is never directly described throughout the series.
  • All Italian words and phrases used in 'The Rally' series do translate into English with meaning.
  • Only one hard copy of the original story exists and it is kept by the writer in four black folders.
  • The whole first book ('The Rally') was written and constructed on the Notes app of an Apple iPod Touch 4th Gen.
  • Despite all of the gangs' connection to drugs, no members are described smoking or using a cigarette due to the writers views on smoking.
    • Moreover, the only illegal drugs any of the gangs deal with are Cocaine, Crystal Meth, LSD, and Ecstasy. Many illegal drugs such as Cannabis and Heroin do not appear due to similar reasons.
  • The following cars were meant to appear in the series but were withdrawn because they are too new for the time 'The Rally' is set in; Mercedes SLK320 (Red, 2002); Alfa Romeo Disco Volante (Red, 2012); Lamborghini Veneno (Silver, 2013); Ginetta G50 (Silver, 2014); Lamborghini Ankonian Concept (Black, 2016).
  • Michele Alboreto is a real Italian racing driver who sadly past away on April 25th 2001. Alboreto was testing Audi's latest Le Mans Prototype racing car at the Lausitzring track when one of front tyres burst, making him crash into the sidewall; he was 44 when the fatal crash happened.
    • Differing from 'The Rally', Michele Alboreto did have a successful family; he was married with two daughters.
  • The writer's favourite song appears in 'The Rally' - You're My Star by Stereophonics.
  • The original script of 'The Rally' took four hours and three ink cartridges to print.
  • Prequels for the series, possibly written in a TV format, have been confirmed. They will mainly be about the various gangs and their histories leading up to 'The Rally'.
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