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This is a documentation of all aspects from the soon-to-be published series of novels titled 'The Rally'. The books follow a group of diverse characters on their intriguing journey to make their town safe again by ridding it of several organised crime syndicates. Bryan Alboreto (main character) narrowly escaped death when a car and biker gang (The DarkMotors) attempted to steal his prize car. Two of his best friends, who were with him at the time, didn't fare so well when they got caught up in the attack. Bryan wants to stop the DarkMotors, and any other gang, from killing more innocent people; he also tries to reunite with his girlfriend (Jade Erling) who split up with him a couple of months before the start of the first book, set in late 2010. The second book picks up in early 2011, with the third starting directly after 'The Rally' 2, which then ends several years in the future (2021).

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'The Rally' is a series of books in the process of being published. Writing started late October 2014, with the original idea being noted down on the 14th and finished mid February. All three books from the action series are currently being written, edited and produced. The first novel, simply 'The Rally', is a first draft and in the editing process. The second book, 'The Rally' 2: Finishing What We Started, is half complete, with the ending still to be written. It's currently in the first draft stage and will be finished soon, ready to be edited. The third book, 'The Rally' 3: Return of La Perso, is mainly in note form, with a first scene laid out. A fourth book is confirmed but has no official released title or plan as of yet.

Possible spin-off series have been rumoured too, with titles such as Erling Family Life, Life & Times of the Erling Family, and Household of the Erling's - these are suggested to be books containing cut-outs, original edits, alternative scenes and different endings to the original novels. A movie and movie soundtrack are hoped to be the product of each novel, especially with all the books being written in script form.

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