List of characters in 'The Rally' (first book only) Edit

Name Age (In 2010) Affiliation(s)
Bryan Alboreto 25 Bryan's Group
Jade Erling 24 Bryan's Group
Alex Caplin 25 Bryan's Group
Lucy Harley 25 Bryan's Group
Lydia Martins 23 Bryan's Group
Jesse Arden 24 DarkMotors / Bryan's Group
Amanda Ellis 26 Bryan's Group
Michael King 24 DarkMotors / Bryan's Group
Anna Blackburn 24 DarkMotors / Bryan's Group
Dante LeCross 19 DarkMotors / Bryan's Group
Adi Roberts 23 Bryan's Group
Geoff Hudson 29 Bryan's Group
Sarah Hudson 28 Bryan's Group
Alice Hudson 7 Bryan's Group
Oskar Blocken 31 DarkMotors
Clara Blocken 27 DarkMotors
Benjamin Backster 19 DarkMotors
Hera Drexla 27 DarkMotors
Dan Goddard 26 DarkMotors
Tom Lambert 26 DarkMotors
Kia McLeod 25 DarkMotors
Dino Cullen 20 DarkMotors / Neutral
Violet Goodwin 20 Neutral
Eric Erling 26 Bryan's Group
Emma Erling 23 Bryan's Group
Conrad Heisman 49 Neutral
Lola Sharp 21 Neutral
Amy Neel 20 Neutral
Diane Fletcher 22 Neutral
Leo McFaul 25 DarkMotors
Logan Blackmore 23 DarkMotors
Finn Römez 24 DarkMotors
Levi Perez 26 DarkMotors
Zane Barron 28 DarkMotors
Chris Bowen 27 DarkMotors
Darryl Bowen 27 DarkMotors
Alan Illet 28 DarkMotors
Jay Vince-Vale 29 DarkMotors / La Perso
Neil Delamare 36 Neutral
Graham Wood 48 Neutral
Jerry Bowerman 41 Neutral
#1st car returnee# Neutral
#2nd car returnee# Neutral
#3rd car returnee# Neutral

List of additional characters in 'The Rally' 2: Finishing What We Started Edit

Name Age (In 2011) Affiliation(s)
Carolina Taurel-Kulvig 27 La Perso / DarkMotors / Bryan's Group
Jaylin Dolton 26 Bryan's Group
Lucas Elmes 16 Bryan's Group
Claudia Burton 16 Bryan's Group
Sean Robinson 16 Bryan's Group / DarkMotors??
Lizzie Barret 17 Bryan's Group
Rachael Terrett 16 Neutral
Sandra Elmes 38 Neutral
Lyla Knighton 25 Polizia Spies / Bryan's Group
Beth Colan 25 Bryan's Group
Conan Kulvig 14 La Perso / Bryan's Group
Robyn Fuetto 17 Neutral
Alexia DeJager 17 Neutral
Sophie Norton 22 Neutral
Avril Barret 41 Neutral
Mark Barret 39 Neutral
Rosalyn Burton 43 Neutral
Ian Burton 44 Neutral
Tessa Robinson 38 Neutral
Aaron Robinson 40 Neutral

List of additional characters in 'The Rally' 3: Return of La Perso Edit

Name Age (In 2011) Affiliation(s)
Vincent Kulvig 34 La Perso
Layla Packard 27 La Perso / Neutral
Hernandez Jeffries 28 La Perso
Child's Name Age (In 2021) Affiliation(s)
Marcos Alboreto 9 Bryan's Group
Jemma Alboreto 10 Bryan's Group
Cody Arden 8 Bryan's Group
Klaus King 8 Bryan's Group
Skylar LeCross 7 Bryan's Group
Cameron Caplin 10 Bryan's Group
Diana Caplin 9 Bryan's Group
Ella Dolton 9 Bryan's Group
Jody Erling 7 Bryan's Group
Megan Foss 8 Bryan's Group

List of new characters appearing in 'The Rally' Gang Wars series Edit

Name Age (In 2009) Affiliation(s)
Zion Merriweather 41 The Professionals
Vago Bliss 34 The Free Associates
Marci Hendrik 28 Effete Potenza
Dane Tilsett 33 Tilt
Phoebe Exton 22 Wyvern
Shawn Victor 26 The Steele
Joel Parvin 21 The Joyriders
Isabella Caden 27 Desolate Fire
Lazlow Jarvis 32 The Abyss
Jonny Prairie 20 Neutral
Rich Guy? ? ?
Charley ? 25 DarkMotors
? Mindoza 36 The Professionals
'Twisted' Joseph 32 Tilt
Mr V. Zimmerman ? old ?
Zoe W ? ? / Effete Potenza
Abyss Member? ? The Abyss
The General 45 Polizia
GW episode characters? -- --

List of confirmed deceased characters from 'The Rally' series Edit

Name Age At Death Affiliation(s) Book First Mentioned In
Jahni Kulvig 34 (In 2009) La Perso 'The Rally' 2: FWWS
Michele Alboreto 44 (In 2001) Bryan's Group 'The Rally'
Sgt Filippo Velori 47 (In 2009) Polizia 'The Rally' 3: RoLP
Jenson Zaubard 36 (In 2004) The Professionals 'The Rally' Gang Wars
Donna Lowes 28 (In 2008) Effete Potenza 'The Rally' Gang Wars
Pete Exton 42 (In 1998) Wyvern 'The Rally' Gang Wars

List of other characters from 'The Rally' series (mentioned or unnamed) Edit

Name/Title Notes
Car Dealer Has connections to the DarkMotors, sells Jade an

'altered' Ford Mustang Mach 1.

Cashier Two of these appear as separate people.
Doctor Appears in hospital scene.
Guard Several guards appear for different causes/gangs.

First appearance is at the secret car meet.

Nurse Appears in hospital scene.
Paramedic Appears in the fist scene of book three.
Prostitute Appears in very first scene talking to Diace.
Receptionist #
TV Reporter Is heard through a television in Jade's house

when reporting new of illegal street racing.

DarkMotors Member Accounts for all unnamed gang members a part

of the DarkMotors.

La Perso Member Accounts for all unnamed gang members a part

of La Perso.

Gang Member This term refers to any member from the other nine

gangs included in 'The Rally' 3: RoLP.

Polizia Officer Accounts for all unnamed police officers present

in various scenes.

Bryan's Mother Ran away from the family soon after Bryan was

born - he's never seen her since.

Jade's Parents Mentioned a few times. Her dad is a successful

businessman. Her mum works in an estate agents.

Alex's Mother Mentioned when Bryan talks about his past - He

talks about the time she took Bryan in.

Jesse's Parents Mentioned when Jesse talks about his past -

both killed in train derailment when he was young.

Jesse's Brother Older than Jesse by three years. Mentioned

along with Jesse's parents.

Diace's Parents Mentioned when Diace talks about his past -

they had many children and a rough family life.

Carolina's Parents Her mum was killed in a motorcycle accident and

her dad is getting frail - mentioned only.

Lucas' Father Talked about in detail when Lucas mentions he's

adopted. He is the reason why Lucas was in care.

Daisy M. One of Lydia's old school friends. Appears as a

14-year-old in a flashback during the first book.

April V. One of Lydia's old school friends. Appears as a

14-year-old in a flashback during the first book.