There are several gangs in 'The Rally' that roam Italy, the rest of Europe, and have some connections with America. As well as fight each other, they all fight the establishments along with trading drugs, arms, vehicles and money. This list contains all mentioned and seen gangs in the entire series.

Official Name Aliases Main Colour Leader(s) Main Base Size Gang Type
DarkMotors N/A Red Oskar Blocken (1999-2010); Hera Drexler (2010-2011) The Dark House (San Marino, Italy) 10,000+ Members Car Gang
La Perso N/A Dark Blue Jahni Kulvig (1996-2009); Vincent Kulvig (2011-Present) Biker's Paradise (Castelletto, Italy) <100 Members Biker Gang
The Professionals Le Prof. Black Zion Merriweather (1994-Present)

Jenson Zaubard (1994-2004)

Prof Bunker (Modena, Italy) 1,000+ Members Arms & Drug Dealers
The Free Associates The Pot Heads Orange Vago Bliss (1997-Present) The Free Palace (Turin, Italy) 1,000+ Members Drug Dealers & Buyers
Effete Potenza The Fems Teal Blue Donna Lowes (2001-2008)

Marci Hendrik (2008-Present)

W.O.Z.(Florence, Italy) 1,000+ Members Car Gang
Tilt Armoured T's Desert Camo Dane Tilsett (2003-Present) Defence Isles (Sicily, Italy) 100+ Members Arms & Defence Dealers
Wyvern N/A Silver Pete Exton(1991-1998)

Phoebe Exton (1998-Present)

Warehouse X-4(Castelletto, Italy) 100+ Members Special Vehicle Dealers
The Steele Waistcoat Warriors Midnight Purple Shawn Victor (2006-Present) The Hangout (San Marino, Italy) <100 Members Biker Gang
The Joyriders N/A White Joel Parvin (2009-Present) Garage 9 (Turin, Italy) ~25 Members Car Gang & Drug Dealers
Desolate Fire N/A Hot Pink Isabella Caden (1999-Present) The Floating Fort (Venice, Italy) ~12 Members Arms Dealers
The Abyss Unknown Force Dark Green Lazlow Jarvis (2000-Present) The Tent (Unknown Location in Italy) Unknown Amount of Members Vigilante