List of real locations featuring in 'The Rally' series. Edit

Town/City Name Country Located In Notes
Vernazza Italy The main setting for the entire series.
Castelletto Italy The coastline town joining France; described in the series as 'The Rally Course' and where the Vernazza Classic Car Rallye takes place. This is also the home base of The Steele and La Perso biker gangs.
San Marino Italy On the opposite side of Italy to Vernazza and described in 'The Rally' as the main location for the DarkMotors hideout. The gang Wyvern also have a home base here.
Modena Italy Mentioned a few times in the main story, and is the home base of The Professionals gang.
Turin Italy Mentioned and seen once, it is the home base of The Free Associates and The Joyriders gangs.
Florence Italy Only mentioned; home base of the Effete Potenza gang.
Sicily Italy Only mentioned; home base of the Tilt gang.
Venice Italy Mentioned a couple of times, is the home base of the Desolate Fire gang, and Claudia gets Lydia to take her, Lucas, Sean, and Lizzie on a trip.
Le Mans France Mentioned only - appears in two flashbacks.

List of fictitious locations in 'The Rally' series. Edit

Place Name Location Based Off Notes
Vernazza Town Vernazza, Italy The seaside town is the basis for the series, however the real Vernazza is only very small, mountainous, and contains a handful of roads. Therefore, Vernazza Town, was created by the writer to have a place for the main action.
Vernazza Mountains Vernazza, Italy Although the town is generally mountainous and hilly, it has no official peaks, mountains or volcanos. The Vernazza Mountains are used in 'The Rally' to have a place for the Road Rallye and Bryan's house, among other things.
Vernazza Beach Vernazza, Italy The town of Vernazza does have a beach, but it's only small and split up by a castle on the cliff. The beach in 'The Rally' is a long sandy beach with shop fronts and a large bay; Vernazza only has a small docking area at the bottom of the town and mainly consists of old-style housing.
Vernazza Cliff-Top Vernazza, Italy This is described in the books as being just above the end of the beach. It is a significant location for many reasons, and it has a café on top being a main tourist attraction.
Marcel Street Vernazza, Italy Specifically in the fictitious town of Vernazza, the writer names a street called Marcel Street. This is where Jade Erling lives and where most of the action is based.
Jade's House Vernazza, Italy The main story features Jade's house a lot, with it being Bryan's Groups' gathering point. Also, in the second book, a lot of story surrounding the kids happens at this house. It is located on Marcel Street, number 25.
Bryan's House Vernazza, Italy The house that we see Bryan staying in initially used to be his fathers house; it's grand house standing alone, located in the fictitious Vernazza Mountains, next to one road.
The DarkMotors Hideout San Marino, Italy This hideout is at the end of a dirt/gravel road in San Marino; it's the gang's main settlement and where most of the members live. Oskar also lives here, having his own 'office' room.
The DarkMotors Vernazza Base Vernazza, Italy This is a smaller hangout located on the outskirts of Vernazza Town. It features throughout the series of books and is where a lot of the gang's female members stay.
Jesse & Lydia's House Vernazza, Italy Located on # street, number # (another artificial place), it is where Lydia and Jesse live. Lydia bought the house before she met Jesse and now lives there with him.
Amanda's House Vernazza, Italy Also located on a fictional street, #, Amanda's house is number # and is where she has lived, doing so by renting.
Geoff's House Vernazza, Italy Located on the edge of Vernazza Town, this is where the Hudson family live. Their house is a reasonably expensive one and has a large garage attached to the side.
The Vernazza Road Rallye Course Castelletto, Italy The mountain coast road, that leads from near Nice in France to a historic small Italian town called Castelletto, is the road that 'The Rally Course' is based on. However, in 'The Rally', it's meant to be located in the Vernazza Mountains.
The Tunnel Castelletto, Italy This is a secret tunnel owned by the DarkMotors; this is where the Special 20 Collection is kept and it's stated in 'The Rally' that the location is in the Vernazza Mountains. However, it is very similar to many road tunnels in Castelletto, Italy.
General Vernazza Town Landmarks Vernazza, Italy This incudes the Hospital, the Secondary School, the Church, and the Shopping Circle. These are most of the key locations that appear in 'The Rally' but aren't accurate to what is actually in Vernazza.
The DarkMotors Nice Hideout Santa Monica, Los Angeles This separate hideout is much larger than its Vernazza counterpart, but is still not as big as the main hideout. However, it is crucial to the gang and appears at the start of 'The Rally' 3.

A picture of the sea port in Vernazza, Italy; the main setting for 'The Rally'.

DM Door

A possible depiction of the door symbol on the DarkMotors hideout entrance (Cr. Pinterest).