The series of books are written in script form and are designed to be turned into films; therefore, certain songs to play over specific moments throughout 'The Rally' series have been chosen by the writer. Below, are lists of the songs in order of appearance.

List of songs in 'The Rally' Edit

Song Album Artist Scene Played In Specific Moment
Riders On the Storm The Very Best of the Doors The Doors Scene 1: They're Back Played at the very start of the scene and plays over the whole scene.
You're My Star Decade In The Sun Stereophonics Scene 4: A Happy Day Out Played after Jade says "You're my star" to Bryan when they arrive at the secret car meet.
The Rhythm of the Night The Rhythm of the Night (Single) Corona Scene 6: I Think We're Being Followed After the group escape the chasing DarkMotors car, they drive home with the song playing from the radio.
Empire Empire Kasabian Scene 19: Delivery Men After being trapped in the Mustang Mach 1 by remote, the car takes Bryan and Jade to the main hideout.
Fast Fuse West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum Kasabian Scene 20: The Boss Will See You Now... Jade and Bryan are taken hostage by the gang, but Jade tries to fight back.
Morning Glory (What's The Story) Morning Glory? Oasis Scene 22: All Is Go Jade and Bryan have managed to escape from the clutches of Oskar, and a car chase ensues.
Shine A Little Love All Over The World ELO Scene ? As Amanda and Miko start to feel intimate again, after reuniting, they kiss and cuddle.
Shoot The Runner Empire Kasabian Scene ? As Geoff delivers the groups their chosen cars, they race down the street.
With Every Heartbeat Robyn With Kleerup Robyn Scene ? When Bryan, and the group, finally return to his house, they discover Alex and Lucy.
I Want to Know What Love Is American Anthems Foreigner Scene ? After Adi, Lydia's friend and ex, comes round to meet the group, Jesse gets depressed as the girls make out with each other. He goes to Vernazza Cliff-Top to think and wonder.
For Whom The Bell Tolls Ride the Lightning Metallica Scene ? Once the group has settled down in Jade's house, the next morning, Hex and the gang are at their door.
Pictured Of Matchstick Men? Miko Death?
The Doberman Empire Kasabian Scene ? After Hex has taken Bryan's Group hostage, they travel to the DarkMotors base; Alex and Lucy come to the rescue.
Outro Hurry Up, We're Dreaming M83 Scene ? The final scene; after Jade & Bryan and Alex & Lucy drag race at the abandoned airstrip, this song plays the film out.

List of songs in 'The Rally' 2: Finishing What We Started Edit

Song Album Artist Scene Played In Specific Moment
The Heat Jungle Jungle Scene 1: Played at the very start of the scene and lasts the song length as we see scenery of Vernazza Beach, Lyla on the beach, and Lucas walking through Vernazza Town.
Follow You That's The Spirit Bring Me The Horizon Scene ? Sean is at rock bottom and can't stand to be around everyone. He sneaks out at night from his home and goes to the Vernazza DarkMotors hideout.

List of songs in 'The Rally' 3: Return of La Perso Edit

Song Album Artist Scene Played In Specific Moment
My Propeller Humbug Arctic Monkeys Scene 1: Played at the very start of the scene and lasts the song length. The songs beat and timing matches the actions on screen and fades out as we see La Perso chasing Jade and others.

List of songs in 'The Rally' Gang Wars Edit

Song Album Artist Episode Played In Specific Moment
If You Leave Me Now The Best of Chicago (40th Anniversary Edition) Chicago Episode ?: ? Rich business man ?? drives through central Modena in his Ferrari 330 GTO, followed by two friends (driving a Corvette Stingray & Rolls Royce Ghost) just before his inevitable undoing.